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Gerardo Flores ’18 – PSP Investments USA Global Macro and Optimal Hedge

Gerardo was a full-time student in the program from September 2016 to January 2018. Originally from Mexico, he shared some of his experiences from the program:

What made you decide to come to this program? And what do you think makes this program stand out from other quantitative finance programs?
During my undergraduate studies in applied mathematics I learned about the historical importance and prestige of NYU Courant. My teachers had such a contagious admiration for the quality of the work from NYU Courant that it became clear to me that it is an elite institution, and I seriously wanted to pursue my graduate studies there at some point. Years later, after having accumulated work experience, I decided to expand my practical knowledge in the financial markets with new skills that would allow me to navigate the world of modern quantitative finance. Naturally, the Mathematics in Finance Master program at NYU Courant was my first choice as it offers rigorous mathematical training, with smaller class sizes that allow students to interact at a more personal level with professors. Add to that the program provides flexibility with relevant, interesting and diverse coursework and electives; a faculty of practitioners who literally have shaped the landscape of quantitative finance for the last decades; and the access to a vast professional network in the most important financial hub in the world.

How has the program contributed to your career and personal development?
As an NYU Courant graduate student, I had access to a career counselor who helped me understand what kind of job I was looking for. Thanks to the counseling sessions, in addition to the knowledge and skills gained from the program, I received an offer for a full-time job at a world-class institution in a quantitative finance role that constantly challenges me and helps me continue to grow.

Tell us what you enjoy with working in the financial industry.
The financial industry is constantly changing. There are new regulations, products, techniques and overall market events that demand our constant attention in order to succeed. The financial ecosystem is so complex that there is always an opportunity for those who find an edge. That ever-changing edge is what makes the financial industry so exciting to me. I think it is because of the balance between the knowledge to understand the market and the skills to reap the benefits. A natural example of those skills are applied mathematics and programming which I use daily. It is a very fulfilling and enjoyable career.

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